Wearing is not the same as styling. Just like looking a certain way is not the same as exuding a certain aura. You may spend a fortune on getting that coveted polo shirt in your favorite color from your favorite brand. It might feel like air (pun intended) on your body. And yet, if you only pull it on a random pair of pants and step out of the house, you may be doing a disservice to yourself, your stature, and the polo in question. So, take an extra 2 minutes, use this style guide, and check out the 5 ways that help you style your polo shirt in multiple ways.


Now then, for those Indian men who think styling is a waste of time. Let me save you some and tell you in the first section — it’s alright to save time and look laid back. In fact, it’s in vogue right now. Effortless dressing however does not mean lazy or sloppy dressing. So, even if you are a denim and polo man, take an extra few minute to do this:

  • Make sure your denim is fitted well to your hips, knees, and hems.
  • Button up right till the collar, but do not button the collar.
  • Pick a pair of sneakers/shoes instead of open-toe sandals. They make you the boy next door.
  • To add some laid-back, golden retriever vibes — grab your favorite cap before leaving the house!


Ok, maybe all you need is the polo on a pair of shorts for your WFH Zoom call! In case, you are going for a smart-casual look for one of those hybrid days at the office, here’s what you need:

  • Pick a pair of tailored trousers/ cigar pants/ chinos as per your body type.
  • Tuck in your polo like you would a shirt, except, round the hems out to create some semblance of casual.
  • Leave out the belt. I repeat — leave out the belt. It does not go with this ensemble. That is why I said ‘tailored’ at the onset.
  • Slip into a pair of loafers or moccasins. If your trousers are ankle-length, then go for low-cut loafer socks.
  • A chunky watch, dark wayfarers, a spritz of your strongest cologne, and you can be on your way.


For workdays that turn into socializing nights, for wedding receptions of friends that are ‘close but not that close,’ you need some casual suit-boot game. It has been widely acknowledged in the world, that polo is a multipurpose garment in men’s styling. As an Indian man, you can flaunt it at semi-traditional events with panache. Here’s how:

  • Add polo to your suit. Replace a button-down shirt under your suit jacket with a solid colored polo shirt. White or black for some formal vibes, and colorful for a fun, groovy vibe.
  • To tone down on the formal, you can style your polo over a pair of black jeans or slacks and throw on a sports jacket.
  • In the case of a sports jacket, keep the buttons of your jacket undone, and add a thin metallic chain or collar pin for some character.
  • Goes without saying — slip into your most polished pair of oxfords or derbies to match the vibe.


Old money is a thing in men’s styling circles. Oh, yes. Not kidding. Doesn’t matter what your bank account is, you can look wealthy with two things — the right fit and the right style. Here’s how an Indian man can style his polo to look like he belongs to those old money circles of Maharajas and industrialists:

  • Pick textured polo shirts. They are currently 'in,' trending with fabrics like mesh, woolen and ribbed cotton. These do wonders to uplift your style from street-smart to sailing-on my-yacht.
  • Pants that are lighter — whites and creams. You may go for fitted shorts or tailored trousers.
  • Pick your accessory. The trick is in either going for a cap, a watch, or a pair of dark glasses. All of these together dilutes the timeless class of this look.
  • If you are matching your polo to the color of your pants, then you may belt up with a contrasting-colored belt. It gives a very cool vintage vibe.


This one’s for those who are hippies at heart. The solo backpackers. The brunch-at-2 kinds. To dress like you are completely and utterly beyond society constraints, you need to dress relaxed. The fit of your polo doesn’t need to be slim. So, if you have a loosely fitted polo in a funky color, then here’s how to dress like an Indian hippie:

  • Invest in a pair of linen/ drawstring pants. They are soft, effortless and so breathable that they immediately establish the vibe of your look. These pants must be preferred in lighter shades like white, cream, beige, and khaki.
  • You can half-tuck your polo shirt by keeping the drawstrings of your pants visible. Or you can wear the polo loose and untucked.
  • You can leave your top button undone, or even button up right to the collar to create a mock good-boy image.
  • I recommend Arizona sandals, sliders, or similar open-toed shoes to complete this charming look.


It’s not much. Just a few extra minutes of your time every time you pull a polo out of your cupboard. Do it, style yourself, and stand out among the clutter of Indian men who just ‘dress.’ To pick a few more polos for your never-ending collection, check out the latest styles at Aire. They do, indeed, feel like air.